8 Things That Are Coming Back Before Series 3 of Sherlock

As you may know, the Sherlock fans have to wait years for the newest installment of their beloved show. (Sherlock Series 2 ended with “The Reichenbach Fall” January 2012). The 3-episode series, coupled with the agonizing wait between each series has caused many a Sherlockian to become a psychopath, much like Mr. Holmes.

I stand corrected.

In order to convey the sheer amount of time that has elapsed since “The Reichenbach Fall,” I have complied a list of 8 things that have returned, or will return, before Series 3 airs in 2014.

1. The Spice Girls, The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Spears
The Spice Girls

That’s right, 90s music is back in full force. The reunion of The Spice Girls at the 2012 London Olympics paved the way for the return of the music from our childhood.

Backstreet Boys
The Backstreet Boys released a new album in July of this year, while *NSYNC reunited on the VMAs a month later.
Just a few days ago, Britney Spears released a new music video for her single, “Work B**ch.”
As the Spice Girls say, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”
2. Overalls
Overalls are back. A wardrobe staple in the 90s, these denim wonders will have you digging through your mom’s closet looking for the pair most like Rachel Green’s from Friends.
3. Harry Potter
“All was well.”
 Anyone suffering from Post-Potter Depression knows that the last line in the Harry Potter series did not apply to the Harry Potter fandom once it was over. All was not well, until the announcement of the film adaptation of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” with a screenplay written by Queen Rowling herself!
4. Doctor Who

David Tennant returns as Ten alongside Matt Smith as Eleven in the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, which will air on November 23rd.

5. The Hunger Games
The second installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy hits theaters on November 22nd, just one day before the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who. Catching Fire is sure to be a success, with an incredible fan-base and an Oscar-winning actress in the lead.
6. The Hobbit
The Hobbit was first published in 1937. 85 years later, Part One of the movie was made. Our very own Martin Freeman stars as Bilbo in the film, which was released in December 2012, almost a year after Sherlock Series 2 ended. He reprises his role in Part Two, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” this December, alongside our dearest Benedict Cumberbatch as the dragon, Smaug.


7. Supernatural
Season 9, or Season “I’m totally not fine?”
Supernatural returned for it’s ninth season just last week.
I can’t even talk about it. I’m still not okay. The feels.
8. The US Government?
I think we can all assume that the United States government will be back before Series 3 of Sherlock airs, but who knows? Congress is sort of like Anderson right now.
Is anything else happening before Series 3 of Sherlock airs?
Answer in the comments!

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