When You Try To Kill a Bug In Your Dorm Room…

Disclaimer: The following is based on true events, and may not work in every case of bug attack. 
You and your roommate sit at your desks, working really hard on those essays–or let’s face it, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook–when you spot something on the multicolored carpet of your dorm room floor. You lean in close to see what it is when:

 Oh my God, it moved! IT MOVED!

Your screaming makes your roommate scream, and she doesn’t even know why.
It’s hopping now. You both jump up on your chairs, pointing at the thing.
You stay very still, and come up with a plan of attack. The plan? Yell for your other roommate to come help. 
Your other roommate comes in and traps it with a cup. Problem solved.
She tries to do the humane thing and let it go without killing it, but NOPE. It escaped.
It crawls behind your desk, so you put a cup on the floor.
It appears out of nowhere, so you cover it with a towel and smash it with a vacuum.
You pick up the towel to reveal a very alive bug, which then hops into your closet.
You go to your neighbors down the hall for help.
Finally, you get someone to come over.
He takes off his shoe, and SMACK.
It’s finally dead. And smushed on your carpet.

The savior offers to clean up the mess, but you say, “No thanks. I mean, it’s just a bug.”

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