20 Tips For Your First Week of College

You took the dreaded AP and IB tests, ACTs, and SATs, got into college, passed your last classes, and finally graduated. You did it! You’re free! You actually survived high school! Summer was perfect, but now it’s time to start all over. 
Begin: Freshman Year-Phase 2, College Edition.

You’re back to the awkward freshman stage. Orientation, ice-breakers, and making new friends. It can be difficult, so here are 20 tips for your first week of college:
1. Everyone is as nervous as you are. Even the seemingly self-assured, independent freshmen.
2. Saying goodbye to your parents is hard, but after a few days you’ll be fine. Really.
3. Put yourself out there. Stop by that dorm with the open door and say hello.
4. Go to the club fair and find out about all the clubs and organizations on campus. Join something that you truly like, even if none of your new friends are joining. You’ll meet some great people if you do.
5. Don’t be afraid to go to something by yourself. No one really knows anyone the first week, so it’s even easier to make friends.
6. Once you’ve met everyone on your floor, go meet the people on the other floors. They might be pretty cool too.
7. Be a considerate roommate. You have to be conscious that you’re sharing the room with another person for an entire year.
8. Don’t lose your room key. Take it with you everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
9. But don’t wear a lanyard.
10. Doing laundry in a public space means that once it’s done, your washer or dryer is fair game. No matter how unfair that may seem.
11. Do yourself a favor and use the timer on your phone to keep track of when you have to pick up your laundry, so you don’t end up with a dripping heap of wet clothes piled on top of the washer you were using.
12. Don’t be “that person” who takes out someone else’s laundry. You can wait.
13. Students in leadership positions on campus love to help out. Ask your RA or Orientation Leaders any questions you might have. Chances are, they had the same question when they were freshman.
14. If you have work study, apply for jobs as soon as possible. The positions fill up fast, and the good jobs are the first to go.
15. Classes at the gym are a fun way to stay active and meet new people. There’s nothing like bonding over your obvious lack of rhythm in Zumba.
16. Stay organized. Buy a planner, and write down everything you have to do. 
17. Get to know your professors. They usually have professional experience in the field they’re teaching in, and can give great advice.
18. If you’re undeclared, don’t freak out when most of the people you meet have majors. They’ll probably end up switching anyway, and it’s okay to wait to decide.
19. Food on campus is not always that great. If there’s a convenience store nearby, stock up on microwave meals. They’ll also save you time by not needing to run to the cafeteria every time you get hungry.
20. Bring your own coffee maker; this one from Keurig has never failed me. You will save a ton of money by not using up your whole meal plan on Starbucks. #ItHappens

If you have any questions about college, leave them in the comments. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors, if you have your own personal tips, leave those in the comments as well!

Good luck, Class of 2018!

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