Dear Paul Ryan

On June 8 at 5:30am, I sent a letter to Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, to express my disappointment at his continued support of Donald Trump, even after his acknowledgement that the presumptive Republican nominee made “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

The full letter is below.

Dear Speaker Ryan:

I don’t understand how you can classify Donald Trump’s attack on the Mexican heritage of a federal judge as “the textbook definition of a racist comment” and then continue to support him as your party’s nominee. I understand that you’re under a lot of pressure to unify your party, but this is not the way to do it. By continuing to support Trump, you automatically condone his behavior, despite your attempt to disavow what he said. You are asking the Republican Party to unite behind a racist nominee. Any policies that you may try to put forward under his leadership would be overshadowed by his hatred and incompetence.

Speaker Ryan, you are not the leader of my party, but you are a leader in my government. This isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans anymore. This is about the future of the UNITED States of America, and Donald Trump has no part in deciding that future. I think you know that, too.

As an American, I urge you to revoke your endorsement of Donald Trump. Prove to the American people that the Republican Party is not complacent to his racist comments. Find a different option, a true Republican option, because Trump puts you to shame.


Jordan Bierbower, 21, (D) California


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