America, We Need to Talk

We need to talk about the future of our country. We need to talk about how far we’ve come. And we need to talk about Donald Trump.

I want to preface this by saying that I have closely followed both the Republican and Democratic primaries and watched both conventions in full.

Let’s start with Donald Trump.

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Melania Trump Sure Sounds Like 2008 Michelle Obama

Melania Trump took the stage on the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, July 18th.

As the Republican crowd cheered, they did not know that they were really cheering for the words Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

That is pure plagiarism.

While Melania Trump most likely did not write the speech, the speechwriter clearly lifted it directly from Michelle Obama’s 2008 address.

7/18, 10:03pm: Prior to her speech, Melania Trump told NBC’s Matt Lauer, “I wrote [the speech]…with [as] little help as possible.”

7/19, 2:32pm:
Trump speechwriter, Paul Manafort responds to the plagiarism claims:

Game of Emmys

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” knows about high-stakes competitions, even when the prize isn’t a seat on the massive Iron Throne. The show earned 23 Emmy nominations for the 2016 award ceremony, missing last year’s number by just one. “Thrones” could still break it’s own record of most Emmy wins for a series in a single year. The number to beat? Twelve.


This year also brings added significance to the race. “Game of Thrones” is currently tied with “West Wing” and “Hill Street Blues” for the most wins for a drama over the course of the show’s run. “Thrones” is sure to pass that number after this year’s ceremony.

Both Kit Harrington and Maisie Williams earned their first nominations in the Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress categories for their portrayals of Jon Snow and Arya Stark, respectively.

With an all-star cast and episodes like “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Door” nominated, there’s no doubt “Game of Thrones” will win big. But who will take home a golden statuette? You’ll have to tune in to find out. Jimmy Kimmel will host the 68th Emmy Awards Show on September 18th from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on ABC.