10 Ways to Adapt ‘Stranger Things’ into Your Fall Wardrobe

So you’ve binge-watched all eight episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix and you’ve successfully convinced (forced?) your family and friends to do the same. Now that Season 2 is confirmed for 2017, you have a lot of time to kill before reuniting with your new favorite characters.

But you have a problem. You’ve exhausted most ways to convey your new obsession: eating Eggo waffles, listening to The Clash, and hanging Christmas lights in your room. So the next step is obviously incorporating the show’s wardrobe into your own fall style.

Here are ten different ways to portray the ‘Stranger Things’ vibe without looking like you’re prepping for Halloween.


1. Faux shearling  jackets

This faux shearling denim jacket from Etsy is a fresh take on Nancy’s monster-hunting coat.

2. Corduroy jackets

Take the structure of Nancy’s button-down coat and mix it with Lucas’ favorite material, and you get this red corduroy jacket from Forever 21.

3. Puffy vests

You’ll look flyer than Marty McFly in this Patagonia vest from Nordstrom, which is perfect for chilly fall nights. It’s two-toned color resembles Will’s own quilted gilet, a clear homage to the Back to the Future lead.

4. “Mom jeans”

Light-washed, high-waisted jeans are quintessentially Barb. These ones from PacSun revitalize the classic 80s style. Make your “mom jeans” current by pairing them with a white crop-top, bodysuit, or band tee. Or just go full-on Barb with a ruffled blouse.

5. Peter Pan collars

This Peter Pan-collared blouse from Forever 21 is a modern version of Eleven’s pink dress.

If you want a closer resemblance to Eleven’s dress, try Lulu’s skater dress and pair it with a Peter Pan collar necklace, like the one from Etsy shown below.


1.  Backpacks

Already an Urban Outfitters staple, this backpack from Fjallraven is an updated take on the  traditional school backpacks the boys use with the same retro feel.

2. Barb’s glasses



Despite the opinions of Steve and his friends, we know that Barb is cool. Emulate her look with these glasses from Giant Vintage, which will help you see clearly in the Upside Down.

3. Headphones

Be the coolest kid in A/V club with a pair of blue, retro headphones from Realtone.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

Run away from the “bad” in style with white high tops.

5. Classic Nike shoes

As easy as it is to hate Steve, he has some cool kicks. Pair the Nike Classic Cortez shoe with a better attitude, and you’ll have it all.

Next up: make plans with your friends to ride bikes to the mall using a retro yellow handset, or walkie-talkie.


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