I Just Graduated! Now What?

After a week of procrastination and all-nighters to finish up our final semester of college, my peers and I attended our commencement ceremony, walked across stage to receive an empty diploma cover, and flipped our tassels to the side. (Was it left to right? Or right to left? I still don’t know if I did it right.)

We hugged our families and friends, thanked our favorite professors and mentors, and probably didn’t take enough pictures. We went our separate ways too fast, rushing to graduation dinners and parties.

We returned to school the next day to pack up the rest of our apartments, and drove off campus for the last time.

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All Aboard the Internship

Make connections to land your dream internship.

Simply uttering the word “networking” can strike fear in the hearts of most undergraduates. The word brings about thoughts of sweaty handshakes, forced conversation, and pantsuits (they may work for Hillary, but you’re not ready for that just yet).

But networking doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, you may be doing it already without realizing it. Any connections that you make in college can help you once it comes time to search for an internship.

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When You Try To Kill a Bug In Your Dorm Room…

Disclaimer: The following is based on true events, and may not work in every case of bug attack. 
You and your roommate sit at your desks, working really hard on those essays–or let’s face it, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook–when you spot something on the multicolored carpet of your dorm room floor. You lean in close to see what it is when:

 Oh my God, it moved! IT MOVED!

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