The Days-of-the-Week Revolution Has Begun

Transformation Tuesday? Throwback Thursday?? Selfie Sunday???

Recently, the days of the week are being hash-tagged and reblogged all over the interwebs. This social media craze is fun, but what if we could make it even better?

First, we give names to the days that are left out. We don’t want to make them feel unwanted. Then we add hashtags to the months, and create a movement.

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A Sonnet: The Fault in Our Stars

I fell in love the way you fall asleep
Two beating hearts, beat slower, time prevailed,
We raged against the wicked creep
And through the tubes in my nose, I inhaled.
Augustus once said, my thoughts are stars I
Cannot fathom into constellations.
Simple pleasures in life, you won’t deny,
Because they increased your medications.
And maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always.’
We debate the meanings and metaphors,
Under the stars by the Dutch waterways
We fall in love, sipping champagne, before—
Slowly, then all at once, we said okay
I wish we could have had just one more day.
– Jordan Leigh